Epic Minecraft Time

It’s slightly funnier than Epic Meal Time, yet still not as good as Regular Ordinary Swedish Meal Time. Regular Ordinary Swedish Minecraft Time please, thanks.

The Bachelor: Star Wars Edition

Twenty-five lucky ladies are competing for the right to be called Mrs. Chewy. They may not speak the same language or even be the same species, but wookiee love knows no bounds.

Dominos Really Wants You To Like Them

Dominos has gone off the deep-end in their efforts to win the pizza war with bikini clad delivery models and funnel cake pizza that gets you drunk. How sad, huh? … Wait a second, bikini models delivering alcohol infused pizza, what’s not to love?!

Jersey Shore Gone “Wilde”

Snooki just went wild, Oscar Wilde that is. The cast of Broadway’s ‘The Importance of Being Earnest’ find themselves at the Jersey Shore reliving some of the shows memorable lines in the style of Irish writer Oscar Wilde. Fist pump to that!

Share A Hummr With Your Friends

Letting the world know how you feel with only a 140 characters can be tricky. That’s why there’s now Hummr, the latest social networking app where you can let friends know how you really feel by giving them a Hummr.

Obama And Trump Facebook War

The White House recently released Obama’s birth certificate to try and satisfy media skeptics, but Donald Trump still isn’t buying it and has taken the war to Facebook.

Just For Kids

This spoof on the Just For Men ads gives hope to youngsters everywhere who may be trying to get into that 18+ only establishment. Say goodbye to that blond peach fuzz and say hello to a lifetime of poor choices.

Sartre Wars

Star Wars with an existential twist. And if you do happen to speak French, don’t bother trying to match the subtitles to the dialogue. Ils ne correspondent pas…

Monopoly Parody

Granted it’s just a parody, but this trailer for the classic Parker Bros. board game looks like something that could actually be a decent movie. Assuming, you can look past Rich Uncle Pennybags’ ridiculous mustache.