Pre-Prometheus Pre-Prequel

Watch a enough alien movies and you’ll undoubtedly pick-up a few helpful tips on what NOT to do should you encounter any extra terrestrial lifeforms. For example, don’t put your face near it. That’s going to turn out bad 100% of the time.

“Your Face Looks Tasty”

Yes, it’s another “Call Me Maybe” parody, but wait, this isn’t the standard (insert: politician or sports team) cover of the highly annoying pop tune. This cover pays tribute to Dawn of the Dead with some flesh eating zombies, perfect for that summertime bath salt buzz.

Italian Spider-Man, Complete and Un-Cut

All the sex. All the action. All the cappuccino drinking. Alrugo’s Italian Spider-Man trailer that became an Internet cult classic in 2007 has been extended into a short film.

Aliens: The Musical

Coming to Broadway this fall, the story of a strange orphan girl and her rise to superstardom against the chest bursting aliens that are trying to shatter her dreams.

Gatorade Buzz

It’s about time science figured out a way to fuse together unhealthy quantities of booze and the thirst quenching refreshment of mass marketed sports drinks.

Pizza Hut’s F*ck You Pizza

Pizza Hut’s got a message for the world: “F U, you’ll eat what we tell you to and you’ll come back asking for seconds!” Eat this pizza and your stomach may just file a restraining order against you.

Coachella 2013

Coachella 2013 is coming and it wants your money. Sunburns, dead cell batteries, and frustrated lines await you. Don’t even try to resist.