Don’t feel like dealing with crowds or spending a lot of money on New Year’s? Throw you own party that friends will love. Here’s five great themes to choose from.

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A proper costume is a must for any college Halloween party, and we’ve rounded up some awesome options for a college budget.

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Even if you can’t afford a summer vacation, you can bring the beach to you with these tropical party decorations.

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What’s a New Year’s Eve party without games? What are games without alcohol? Here are some easy-to-play drinking game ideas with or without cards for 2015.

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Whether you’re looking for a party or just a place to unwind, these are the most beautiful beaches.

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Be a monster mixologist and get your friends scarily sauced — in style.

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Beers! Giant Mugs! German Girls! Here are the 20 craziest photos from Oktoberfest’s opening day 2013.

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Watch LeBron go to town on a box of pizza…

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Bieber’s buddy, Lil Twist, threw a house party with tons of weed and alcohol at the pop star’s mansion while he was in Europe.

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A chronically-ill Canadian man has done away with tradition and hosted his own wake – complete with a Supertramp tribute band and hearse rides.

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