Noah Ritter of Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, was attending the Wayne County Fair with his grandfather when WNEP-TV’s Sofia Ojeda stopped him to ask a question.

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Pennsylvania house explosion husband wife killed Ray Trautvetter Janet Trautvetter

A married couple who lived roughly 40 miles northwest of Pittsburgh died in their home after it exploded early Tuesday morning.

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Alex Hribal, 16, is the suspect in the Franklin Regional High School stabbing in which over 20 people were injured, some seriously.

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The suspect in today’s mass stabbing has been named as Alex Hribal, a sophomore who came from a “good family.”

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Mr. Sam King is reported to have wrestled two knives from a sophomore who stabbed multiple people at Franklin Regional High School.

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Nicholas Helman was arrested in Hatboro, Pennsylvania, after an hours long standoff with a SWAT team.

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The accused Craigslist serial killer says was married for 3 weeks when she killed Troy LaFerrara in November 2013.

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Holleran was just 19 when she took her life on January 17. Here are all of the best images that celebrate the life of this vibrant young woman.

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Madison Holleran, 19, is the University of Pennsylvania track and soccer star who jumped to her death in an apparent suicide in Center City, Philadelphia.

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Rev. Frank Schaefer is the Methodist pastor who has been defrocked by the United Methodist Church after he officiated his son’s gay wedding.

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Robert Kerns, the former head of the Republican party in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, has been charged with rape.

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Aimee Larkin has been named as the nurse who shot and killed Howard Kinney at Abington Manor Nursing Home in Abington, Pennsylvania. Then Larkin turned the gun on herself.

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