Top 10 Celebrity Photo-Bombs

Celebrities are photo-bombing like crazy. No one’s safe! See the Top 10 bombers including Kevin Spacey, Sean Patrick Flanery, Emma Stone, & Jennifer Lawrence.

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Ken Jeong Photobombs Kate Upton

Ken Jeong is dropping photobombs on Kate Upton left and right in the new issue of GQ. Cuz nothing ruins a sexy photo shoot quite like a short, glass humping Asian man.

Macho Man Approves

Sometimes you just have to summon the spirit of Randy Savage and drop a flying elbow on a bro.

Greatest Animal Photobomb Ever

Yes, we all dig photobombs – when a third party inserts themselves into a photograph without telling the photographer or the photographee. But did you know that animals are getting into the act now? Under the jump, the greatest animal photobomb ever.