A new Tumblr depicting mocked up images of signs and warnings we may face on a daily basis gives us a glimpse into what our technological race gets us.

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Reddit loves its PhotoShop battles, and this picture of a prom attendee posing alone was asking for it. Check out the funny scenes these PhotoShoppers make.

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An usher’s girlfriend wore white to a wedding. Luckily a PhotoShop savvy photographer knew what to do. Check out the before and after of the disappearing diva!

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Check out these cool PhotoShopped photos of Oscar nominated actors and actresses posed alongside their younger selves. If only they knew what their careers would become!

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This guy might have a bit of an ego. Just maybe.

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If this isn’t social commentary, we’ll have to Google for a definition on what “social commentary” is on our iPhone.

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Do you recognize the Hollywood starlet above without her eyebrows? Check out all 20!

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From the Civil War to Nixon chatting with Elvis (above), these once black-and-white photos are given new life thanks to some expert PhotoShoppers.

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No bouquet to throw? Toss a cat!

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Nicolas Cage’s face has been PhotoShopped onto Miley Cyrus’ in her new music video for ‘Wrecking Ball’ and it’s hilarious.

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