Pictures from Amir Khan’s unanimous decision win over Devon Alexander.

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Tonette Walker is married to Scott Walker, who recently won re-election to the position of Wisconsin governor.

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The Ebola virus continues to devastate Africa, and the first case has been reported in Dallas, Texas. Here are pictures of the deadly disease.

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Check out these images from iOS 8, and get a visual walkthrough of Apple’s newest version of iOS.

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Do you love history? Check out these cool pictures from one of the first pics of the Sphinx to color prints of Nazi war planes to Woodstock and more. Fascinating.

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Looking for computer wallpaper or desktop backgrounds for the World Cup? Look no further.

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It’s so cool yet so hot.

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Here are the photos of all the gold medal winners so far at the Sochi Olympics, live updated as more gold is won!

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Fifty years later, their still music still resonates with a new generation.

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Here are all the pictures you need to see of the Big Game!

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Philip Seymour Hoffman was found dead today in his Manhattan apartment. He was 46.

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A Reddit-user’s friend was in for quite the surprise when he came home to find a wildcat in his kitchen!

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One of the Nazi photos looks straight out of “Indiana Jones.” Insane.

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Pete Seeger died yesterday at age 94. The iconic folk music legend legend leaves behind a legacy of political activism and messages of peace.

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Imgur-user buhbee94 was known on the Internet as “flaming shot girl” when a specialty flaming bar shot spilled on her and burned her. She’s recently posted photos of her long road to recovery.

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See what’s going on behind-the-scenes of the Grammys with these photos shared by celebs!

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