John B. McLemore, from S-Town, posted online under the name Hiruit Nguyse, sharing why he wasn’t married and talking about his land. Read what he wrote here.

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See the best memes, reactions, and reviews from people who are listening to the new S-Town podcast. This will have spoilers through Episode 6.

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Listen to the full song heard at end of every episode of S-Town and learn more about it, including the lyrics, here.

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Tyler Goodson is a key character in S-Town, from the producers of Serial. Learn more about Tyler here.

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Internet sleuths discovered the coordinates to John McLemore’s maze, featured in S-Town. Here are photos.

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John B. McLemore (some misspell as Macklemore) is a key figure of S-Town. Learn about him, plus photos of his maze. This post has spoilers through Episode 3.

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Learn more about the Burt family, K3 and KyKenKee Lumber, central figures in S-Town.

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Woodstock, Alabama is the subject of the new podcast, S-Town. Learn more about the small town and see photos here.

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Learn all about Brian Reed, host of the brand new podcast S-Town.

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S-Town may be affiliated with Serial, but it’s not the popular Serial podcast. Find out when you can expect to listen to Season 3 of Serial.

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What time will the episodes of S-Town be available? Find out how you can know right away.

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Sarah Koenig has announced that the hit podcast Serial will have not only a season two, but also a season three. Find out the release date information here.

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Christian Finnegan comes on and shares with us his hilarious anecdotes about being locked out of hotel rooms and sending unfortunate emails.

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