Two donkeys in a Poznan zoo who were separated for their acts of love have been reunited. Napoleon and Antosia have been together for 10 years.

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Police responded to a man damaging buildings and cars in the city of Gorzow Wielkopolski, Poland. The man attacks the police, runs, and is then shot down.

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A new pro-abstinence ad by Poland’s Red Cross likens sexual promiscuity to adding a stranger on Facebook, with the end result being you get HIV. Reasonable?

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President Obama suffered a security breach at a Marriott hotel gym in Poland after video of him working out emerged and his personnel have no idea who did it.

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Rihanna got stuck inside all day and all she had with her was a little bikini on Instagram. Check out the sexy photo here. We have video too! Thank you, RiRi!

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I hate when babies are naked in public.

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A bus trip that becomes a matter of life and death.

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