A gallery of police invading celebrity photobomb photos & selfies to remind drivers that this Labor Day, they’ll see you before you see them.

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Reginald Dia Harris Charlotte cop arrested sex crimes children

A Charlotte cop and his wife have been arrested and face a series of sex crimes after investigators discovered Reginald Harris had assaulted a minor multiple times from 1999 to 2002.

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Screen Shot 2014-08-01 at 2.10.21 PM

An armed robber robbed a convenience store in Phoenix in front of terrified children. The incident was caught on video.

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Police are reporting a shooting at the Bank of America building in Chicago. Here are the pictures you need to see.

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eric garner killed by police

A 400-pound asthmatic father of 6 died after New York police put him in a headlock. In the video, Garner is heard saying “I can’t breathe.”

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Police responded to a man damaging buildings and cars in the city of Gorzow Wielkopolski, Poland. The man attacks the police, runs, and is then shot down.

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Melvin Santiago shot RIP, Lawrence Campbell

Jersey City cops Melvin Santiago was shot by Lawrence Campbell while sitting in his patrol car outside a Walgreens early Sunday morning. Campbell had shot Santiago even though he didn’t want to rob the drug store, leading authorities to believe he was after a suicide-by-cop ending to his life.

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los angeles freeway police punching video

A California Highway Patrol officer was filmed beating a great-grandmother on the side of the road. Watch the raw now-viral video here.

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A confrontation between Lt. Tom Davidson and Nicholas Kincade in Lafayette, Indiana, ended when Kincade was shoved from his wheelchair on video.

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steven zelich arrested, laura simonson murder

Steven Zelich, an ex-Wisconsin cop, is a murder suspect charged with hiding ball-gagged and collared bodies in suitcases.

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US actor Shia Labeouf poses during the p

Actor Shia LaBeouf has been arrested at a Broadway show. He was reportedly smoking and being disruptive and was escorted out during intermission in tears.

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supreme court

The Supreme Court has decided in Riley v. California that police cannot search cell phones without a warrant.

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