Michelle Gregg, the mother of the boy who fell into the gorilla enclosure at Cincinnati Zoo, is facing calls by thousands for her to be charged criminally.

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Patrick Zane Thompson, the owner of Raging Cajun Smoking Barbecue, was arrested after Arizona police said he sacrificed his family’s poodle in a fit of anger.

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Clarissa McDaniel, a teacher at Llano High School in Texas, has been arrested on felony sexual assault charges in a case police say involves a student.

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ZyZe McCausland, a 26-year-old Florida stripper, tried to eat her shirt after fleeing from police during a DUI stop, the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office says.

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Richard Simone was arrested after a police pursuit in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. Videos show police punching repeatedly him at the end of the chase.

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George Zimmerman is auctioning the gun he used to kill 17-year-old Trayvon Martin in 2012. Zimmerman was acquitted of murder and manslaughter in Martin’s death.

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Videos taken by news helicopters show police officers punching a suspect at the end of a chase that began in Massachusetts and ended in Nashua, New Hampshire.

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Dr. Michael Schulenberg, a Minnesota physician, saw Prince twice in the weeks before is death and prescribed him medication, according to a search warrant.

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Kanisha Shelton, a 23-year-old Indianapolis mom, has been charged with felony neglect after her 2-year-old son, Kiyan Enoch, accidentally fatally shot himself.

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Arthur “AJ” Darosa, 28, is accused of stabbing six people at random in Taunton, Massachusetts, before being shot dead by an off-duty cop at the Galleria Mall.

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Arthur Darosa, 28, has been named as the man shot dead by an off-duty cop at a mall in Taunton, Massachusetts, after stabbing six people, two fatally.

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Robert Stackowitz, who was living under the name Robert Gordon in Sherman, Connecticut, was arrested Monday, 48 years after he escaped from a Georgia jail.

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Heidi McKinney, 26, was arrested after a fellow female passenger said McKinney grabbed her breast and genitals during a flight from Las Vegas to Portland.

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Zion Snow and Chakeira Wright are accused of conspiracy in the death of Amy Joyner-Francis, a Delaware high school student.

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Trinity Carr, 16, has been charged with criminally negligent homicide in the death of Delaware girl Amy Joyner-Francis, who died after a school bathroom fight.

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Curtis Ayers is accused of fatally shooting Detective Brad Lancaster and then carjacking a vehicle with children inside, police in Kansas City, Kansas, say.

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