The cop who shot unarmed Charles Kinsey in Miami has been named.

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Willow Martin is accused of setting fire to a business owned by a rival stripper’s stepfather over a debt owed to her. See photos of Martin here.

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A 19-year-old Connecticut woman set fire to a business because a fellow stripper owed her money, police say. DNA on a potato stuffed in a tail pipe led police to her.

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Fresno Police have released bodycam video showing the fatal shooting of Dylan Noble, an unarmed 19-year-old who was killed June 25 during a traffic stop.

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A drive-by shooting in Norfolk, Virginia, that left three men injured was recorded on Facebook Live video. Watch the full video here.

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The lawyer for the police officer who shot Philando Castile says police had “reasonable suspicion” Castile looked like an armed robber.

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After his moving speech at the Dallas police memorial, many are saying Dallas Police Chief David Brown should run for president.

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In just a few minutes, Dallas Police Chief David Brown moved the audience to its feet at the memorial for fallen police officers. He even quoted Stevie Wonder. WATCH here.

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The first black Miss Alabama winner called the Dallas shooter who killed five police officers a “martyr” in a tearful Facebook video. Watch it here.

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Jermaine Edmonson, a Michigan State football player, was slapped in the face by Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green, reports.

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Jonathan Bachman took the now iconic photo of Ieshia Evans, a Baton Route protester. Learn more about Bachman and his work.

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A shooting was reported at the Berrien County Courthouse in St. Joseph, Michigan. Listen to police radio broadcasts from the scene here.

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Dr. Brian H. Williams, a surgeon at Parkland Memorial Hospital in Dallas, spoke emotionally about treating officers and the impact of police shootings on him. Watch video here.

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Alva Braziel, 38, was fatally shot by police in Houston, Texas, his family says. The shooting was recorded on body cams and a gas station’s surveillance video.

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See many more photos of Ieshia Evans, the Baton Rouge protester who was captured in what many are calling an iconic, legendary image.

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Rudy Giuliani created controversy when he called Black Lives Matter racist and anti-American and said most black children are killed by other blacks. WATCH.

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