Brandon Russell a self-confessed neo-Nazi, is facing federal explosives charges after police say his roommate killed two of their other roommates in Tampa.

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The Cleveland Police Department issued a high bond request and warrant against Steve Stephens after he murdered Robert Godwin Sr. and posted it to Facebook.

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The videos posted on “Stevie Steve’s” YouTube channel show no indication of the violence Steve Stephens is alleged to have committed in Cleveland on Easter Sunday.

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An elderly man was shot and killed by a gunman, identified by Cleveland Police as Steve Stephens, in a video posted on Facebook.

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Steve “Stevie Steve” Stephens is accused of fatally shooting a man on Facebook, Cleveland Police say, while claiming to have killed others in an “Easter Day Slaughter.”

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A 31-year-old Worcester man has been arrested in the murder of Vanessa Marcotte, a 27-year-old jogger brutally killed in Princeton, Massachusetts in 2016.

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Robert McDonald was fired from his job as a Gwinnett County police officer after the former Georgia cop was caught on video kicking a handcuffed man, Demetrius Hollins.

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A Gwinnett County Police officer has been fired after video showed the Georgia cop kicking a handcuffed man in the face. Watch the video here.

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Nandi Cain Jr., 24, was thrown to the ground and punched by a Sacramento police officer who stopped him for jaywalking. A bystander recorded video of the beating.

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Surveillance video shows bullets narrowly missing a little girl in a shooting at a tattoo parlor in Chandler, Arizona. Two men, Michael Hart and Rafael Santos, were arrested.

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Cedric Anderson killed a teacher and an 8-year-old student before fatally shooting himself at North Park Elementary School in San Bernardino, police say.

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Michaella Surat, a 22-year-old Colorado State student, was slammed down while she was being arrested by Fort Collins Police. Video of the incident has gone viral.

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A video recorded by a bystander shows a 22-year-old Colorado State student, Michaella Surat, being thrown to the ground by police outside a Fort Collins bar.

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Cassandra Bjorge, 17, and her boyfriend, 19-year-old Johnny Rider, are accused of killing Bjorge’s grandparents, Wendy and Randall Bjorge, in Georgia, police say.

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Kyle Stephen Thompson, 31, is facing charges in Montgomery County, Maryland, accusing him of sexually assaulting three girls, including two under the age of 5.

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Nicolai Mork, a 40-year-old MIT grad, has been indicted on terrorism charges after Las Vegas Police say they found enough chemicals in his home to blow up a tank.

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