Two cops shot Kajieme Powell multiple times, killing him. The shooting took place less than 4 miles from where Michael Brown was killed.

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supreme court

The Supreme Court has decided in Riley v. California that police cannot search cell phones without a warrant.

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red rock shooting

A Nas concert at Red Rocks turned violent when three people were shot outside Denver, Colorado.

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sao paulo world cup brazil protests pepper spray gif video

Police in Sao Paulo, Brazil, used tear gas, rubber bullets and pepper spray to disperse protests on day one of the 2014 World Cup. See the brutal photos here.

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emilio hoffman, reynolds high school shooting

Emilio Hoffman has been identified by friends as the Reynolds High School shooting victim.

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Reynolds High School Shooting Suspect

Police have confirmed 2 are dead, including the shooter, after a shooting at Reynolds High School in Troutdale, Oregon.

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amanda and jerad miller

Husband and wife Jerad and Amanda Miller of Indiana are the deceased suspects in a shooting that killed two police officers and another victim in Las Vegas on June 8.

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las vegas shooting victims

Alyn Beck and Igor Soldo are the two Las Vegas police officers who were ambushed and killed in North Vegas on Sunday morning. The ambush also left one civilian dead in a Walmart across the street.

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norwegian police, drunk man

Two police officers in Norway just want to take a drunk man in a park to a safe place to sober up. But the drunkard is unruly and these officers are patient.

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The 19-month-old boy has a 50 percent chance of survival after cops threw a stun grenade into his crib during a SWAT raid.

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duck family

A police officer in Eau Claire, Wisconsin saw a mother duck and her brood of ducklings attempting to cross a busy highway. He provided an escort across.

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Officer Terry Belvin of the Barnesville, Georgia, police department reportedly hit and killed pedestrians Justin Sullivan & Quentin Byrd.

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