At Donald Trump’s rally in Mississippi this evening, Brexit advocate Nigel Farage appeared on stage. Watch his speech here.

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What did Jane Sanders say at the end of Bernie’s speech to his delegates? Will Sanders still be on the roll call vote?

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See multiple live streams where you can watch the Democratic National Convention online, live, without cable.

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Polls show Clinton’s seen as dishonest. Now we know she lied about classified emails. What else is there? This is an in-depth analysis of her top accused lies.

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The speakers for the first night of the Democratic National Convention include Elizabeth Warren, Michelle Obama and Clinton rival Bernie Sanders.

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Bernie Sanders’ supporters are saying even a resignation from DWS isn’t enough, on the eve of the Democratic National Convention and a planned #DemExit.

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O’Malley said the DNC was rigging its debates 11 months ago. Talking with the press later, he said it was being done for Clinton. Watch his speech here.

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Even though Malik Obama lives in Kenya, President Barack Obama’s half-brother says he will vote for Donald Trump.

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The 2016 Democratic National Convention is being held at Philadelphia’s Wells Fargo Center from July 25-28 with Hillary Clinton accepting the nomination.

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Tim Kaine is Hillary Clinton’s vice presidential running mate on the Democratic ticket. His strong faith has motivated his life’s work and dedication to serve.

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Jill Stein’s in Philly talking with concerned voters, while earlier this week she visited Ohio. See photos & stories from her trip to Cincinnati here.

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Donald Trump quickly took to Twitter to react to Hillary Clinton’s pick of Tim Kaine for her Democratic running mate.

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President Barack Obama brought in Massachusetts Senator for the Weekly Address, covering progress made on Wall Street before the DNC.

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With the WikiLeaks release, there’s more evidence that the DNC may have supported Clinton against its own rules. Here’s how to join the class action lawsuit.

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We’ve compiled an extensive look at the most damaging or insightful emails about Clinton and Sanders, from the WikiLeaks emails. See the best of the leaks here.

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David Duke announced that he is running for a U.S. Senate seat to represent Louisiana. He’s got over a dozen Republican opponents though.

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