John Kelly will be Donald Trump’s nominee for secretary of Homeland Security. He is the father of Robert Michael Kelly, who died in Afghanistan in 2010.

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Just how far ahead is Hillary Clinton in the popular vote? Find out the latest numbers and how this might affect the future of the electoral college.

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Hillary Clinton leads the popular vote against Donald Trump, and there were millions of uncounted ballots after election day, with many in California. Trump won the electoral college.

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Muslims and others reported hate crimes after Donald Trump won the presidential election. Trump supporters reported attacks. Here’s a state-by-state round up.

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He didn’t say that and couldn’t really do it anyway.

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Trump protest signs have contained many different slogans and messages. See photos of signs from Donald Trump protests in cities including New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago.

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Thousands of demonstrators took to the streets in Los Angeles, California on Saturday to protest the election of Donald Trump. Here are some of the best photos.

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Faithless electors are the last hope of Hillary Clinton supporters, who have signed a petition on urging electors to ditch Donald Trump. Some states fine faithless electors.

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Why have people begun to wear safety pins after Donald Trump won the presidency? Who created the trend? Here’s a look at the latest social media trend.

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A lot of the 2016 presidential polls in Clinton vs. Trump were wrong. Why? Who got it right?

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Michigan election results are in, but they are unofficial, and the Associated Press still hasn’t officially called the state for Donald Trump.

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Many states and cities have had anti-Trump protests and more are still planned. See a complete list here, with photos and videos, of Trump protests.

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Did voter ID and voter suppression controversies help Donald Trump in key states like Wisconsin, Ohio and North Carolina?

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Protesters once again gathered outside of Trump Tower in New York City on Thursday night, expressing anger over the election of Donald Trump.

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Protests continued into night two after Donald Trump won the United States presidency, and a white man who was accused of voting for Trump was beaten up on video. You can watch the coverage here.

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Donald Trump is reportedly deciding between a few people for the position of chief of staff, including Steve Bannon, Reince Priebus and David Bossie.

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