Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump will hold a rally in Fletcher, North Carolina this afternoon. Watch it live here.

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Read on for the top 10 best quotes by Donald Trump during the first presidential debate with Hillary Clinton.

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Read on for the top 10 best quotes by Hillary Clinton during the first presidential debate with Donald Trump.

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Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump squared off in the first presidential debate Monday night. Watch a full video replay here.

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Though nationwide murders are slightly up, it’s not true of NYC.

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Towards the end of the first presidential debate this evening, Donald Trump was laughed at by the audience for saying he has a great temperament.

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Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton faced off at Hofstra University in their first presidential debate.

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Many people noticed that Donald Trump interrupted Hillary Clinton during the first 2016 presidential debate. See reaction to the interrupting. Some compared it to a child.

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During the first presidential debate on Monday night, Donald Trump took time to plug his new hotel.

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See the best and funniest 2016 first presidential debate memes from the first Clinton vs. Trump debate battle.

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Minutes after sending people to his website during the presidential debate, Donald Trump’s website was down. Find out the details on the crash and Twitter’s reaction.

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Is Independent candidate Evan McMullin in the first 2016 presidential debate? No, but he is live tweeting it.

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Celebrities will be tweeting during the first presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. We have gathered the best of them here.

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Live, real-time fact check of Donald Trump and his most important statements during the 1st Presidential debate on Monday.

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Hillary Clinton’s granddaughter, Charlotte celebrates her second birthday on debate night. Chelsea just reminded everyone on Twitter.

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Election day is around the corner as the United States votes for its next president. Find out what day election day is and how you can register to vote.

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