Jeb Bush and Derek Jeter are reportedly the high bidders to purchase the Miami Marlins baseball franchise. The Bush family has many baseball connections.

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In a series of tweets this afternoon, President Trump repeatedly misspelled the word hereby while alleging that Nancy Pelosi has “close ties” to Russia.

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Donald Trump tweeted a photo of Chuck Schumer and Vladimir Putin today. Here’s a look at where the photo comes from.

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Anne Patterson is reportedly James Mattis’ pick to be the new under secretary of defense for policy, but the White House is pushing back on her nomination.

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Juan Thompson, the Jewish Community Center bomb threat suspect, posted a string of anti Donald Trump Twitter rants. He was also critical of Hillary Clinton.

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Another Donald Trump advisor, Jeffrey D. Gordon, says he met with Russian Ambassador Sergei Kislyak during the presidential campaign.

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Nick Adams is the author of the book Green Card Warrior, which Donald Trump recommended on Twitter.

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About 44 percent of Americans approve of the job Donald Trump is doing as president, while 50 percent do not approve, a series of new polls have shown.

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A 22-year-old undocumented woman has been detained by ICE after delivering a speech at an immigration rally.

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Congressman Cedric Richmond is under fire this week after making a sexist joke about White House Counselor Kellyanne Conway.

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Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced that he’ll recuse himself from handling an investigation into the Donald Trump campaign’s ties to Russia.

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Attorney General Jeff Sessions held press conference on March 2. You can watch a full video replay of the news conference here.

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Devin Nunes, chair of the House Intelligence Committee, has repeatedly denied that there is evidence of improper contact between the Trump campaign and Russia.

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Mary Kaye Huntsman, the wife of Jon Huntsman, has played an active role in her husband’s political career over the years.

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Did Jeff Sessions commit perjury? Some say Sessions lied to Congress under oath about communications with the Russians, a possible crime. He denies wrongdoing.

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Jon Huntsman, the former Utah Governor and Barack Obama’s former Ambassador to China, will be Donald Trump’s ambassador to Russia.

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