Jill Stein is a possible option for disaffected Bernie Sanders supporters.

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Republican presidential hopeful Ted Cruz has promised a “major announcement” today at 4 pm in Indiana. Rumors online point to Cruz announcing Carly Fiorina as his vice president pick.

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Ted Cruz will live stream a rally from Indianapolis today after teasing a “major announcement.” which some have speculated to be his running-mate pick.

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Ted Cruz said a “major announcement” would be forthcoming at a 4 p.m. rally April 27.

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Hillary Clinton soundly beats Donald Trump in general election matchup polls and in favorability ratings.

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Donald Trump swept all five Republican primaries, with Hillary Clinton taking the biggest three of five Democratic contests.

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Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are in a tight race in Indiana. Find out all the details on the latest Democratic polling numbers.

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Find out the full details on the latest polling numbers heading into the Indiana Republican primary.

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Purple State looks at the current status of political opinions. In this episode Americans discuss ISIS…

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Maryland represents the second-largest number of delegates of any of the day’s states for both parties.

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No state has more importance for either the Republican or Democratic party of the April 26 slate than Pennsylvania.

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Five states have primaries today, with a total of 172 Republican and 384 Democratic delegates up for grabs.

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With five primaries taking place today, we look at the latest data to predict the outcome of both the Republican and Democratic primaries.

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Donald Trump leads polling, forecasts and betting in Connecticut, with Cruz teetering on non-viability.

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Donald Trump leads John Kasich and Ted Cruz by a wide margin in Maryland polls, betting markets and forecasts.

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Bernie Sanders Facebook groups, many with more than 50,000 followers each, were banned en masse. What happened? Who’s the source? Did the pages return?

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