Scotland votes to become independent from the United Kingdom on September 18. Here’s how you can keep up with the results online.

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Rob Ford Cancer

Toronto’s embattled mayor was admitted to hospital with “abdominal pains.”

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See the White House’s official livestream of President Obama’s ISIS strategy speech right here on September 10.

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Obama ISIS Speech

There are many options for watching President Obama’s ISIS speech on September 10.

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Joe Biden Gates of Hell Speech

The veep is starting to sound like a man who is running for office. And his hawkish resolve stands in stark contrast to the tone of his boss, who said we can “shrink” ISIS to a “manageable problem.”

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Black Task Force Pics

Task Force Black is ISIS worst fear, a comprised unit of Seal Team 6, Delta Force and Britain’s Special Air Service. The team is being charged with “cutting the head off the snake” of the Islamic State.

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