Anti-Trump demonstrations outside of the candidate’s San Diego rally turned violent today as multiple individuals were arrested and police were sent in.

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Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump expressed interest in debating, but then Trump backed out after his required donation was met. Here’s what happened.

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When is Bernie Sanders’ next California rally? Where is it and what time? Here are all his upcoming California rallies, where to RSVP, and how to get there.

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Donald Trump’s son Eric has been a major player in Trump’s campaign, often appearing as a surrogate on TV.

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Peter Neffenger, the head of the Transportation Security Administration, answered tough questions today about issues surrounding the TSA including long lines at security as well as his former head of security.

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Bill Lee, former pitcher for the Boston Red Sox, is planning on running for the Governor of Vermont as a third-party candidate.

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The former Secretary of State won’t face charges from this report, but it undermines public statements from her.

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Protesters outside of Donald Trump’s rally in Albuquerque, New Mexico, set fires, threw rocks and bottles, and clashed with police. See videos here.

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Seven primaries, including the pivotal New Jersey and California primaries, remain to be contested.

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Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton are focused on the California Democratic primary. Find out all latest polling details as the primary approaches.

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Thousands gathered for Bernie’s Santa Monica rally. Sanders energized the crowd to stand strong as the California primary nears. See photos and stories here.

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The head of Veterans Affairs, Secretary Robert McDonald, facing a lot of criticism for comments he made about wait times at Veterans Affairs hospitals and comparing them to waiting for rides at Disneyland.

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Bill Clinton’s history with women has been made a campaign issue as Hillary Clinton runs for president. See the past rape and sexual misconduct allegations here.

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Bernie’s supporters showed they have no plans to quiet down when they showed up by the thousands to his National City CA rally. See photos of the event here.

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Another Tuesday, another Primary Day. May 24th voters in Washington state will make their pick for president but Democrats and Republicans can vote for whomever they want in the Evergreen state.

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A Home Depot employee received death threats from conservatives who were angry that she was exercising freedom of expression.

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