The Republican candidates made last pitches to New Hampshire voters Saturday. Read our recap, then vote for the winner in our poll.

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LaVoy Finicum was the foster parent to troubled boys at his ranch in Arizona. He did so along with his loving wife, Jeanette.

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David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt were indicted by a Harris County, Texas, grand jury investigating their undercover Planned Parenthood videos.

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Fred Trump, Donald Trump’s father, was a New York real estate developer, building the company that his son now runs. Here’s what you need to know about him.

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Bernie Sanders may be a self-proclaimed “Democratic socialist,” but his policy plans differ from those of socialists in Europe.

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Just hours before his mother officially endorsed Donald Trump for president, Sarah Palin’s oldest son was arrested and accused of a drunken assault on his girlfriend.

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NBC provides a live stream so you can watch tonight’s 2016 Democratic Presidential Debate. Read on for how to watch the debate online and use the NBC app.

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What time is the first 2016 Democratic Debate on tonight? When is it? On what channel or TV station can we watch the event?

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Republican Presidential candidates Donald Tump and Ted Cruz had an epic back-and-forth in the debate on Thursday night. Watch the exchange right here.

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Florida-based girl group Freedom Kids danced and performed The Official Donald Trump Jam at a rally during Trump’s stop in Pensacola. The pint-sized performers entertained supporters and baffled the rest of the world.

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Fox Business Channel reporter Sandra Smith, along with anchor Trish Regan, will moderate the GOP undercard debate Thursday at 6 p.m. on FOx Business Channel

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Fox Business Channel anchor Trish Regan, along with Fox Business reporter Sandra Smith, will moderate the GOP undercard debate Thursday.

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What time is tonight’s GOP Republican Debate for 2016? Read on for the schedule, what TV channels to watch, the candidates, and station info.

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Tonight is another Republican GOP Debate and we’ve got the details on how to see the candidates in action via live stream. See how to watch the debate online.

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Ted Cruz did not disclose a loan from Goldman Sachs for his 2012 Senate campaign, the New York Times reports. His wife, Heidi, works for the Wall Street firm.

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President Barack Obama delivered his seventh and final State of the Union Address. You can read a full text transcript of the speech here.

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