Retired Lieutenant Colonel Jason Amerine has accused James Mattis, Donald Trumps defense secretary pick, of leaving his men to die.

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President-elect Donald Trump may transition from his personal Twitter account @realdonaldtrump to the White House’s Twitter account.

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Elaine Chao, who will be Donald Trump’s Transportation Secretary and is married to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. Here’s a look at their relationship.

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Elaine Chao, the new secretary of transportation, has a rich family history and five younger siblings: Jeanette, May, Christine, Grace, and Angela.

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In an interview, Justice Antonin Scalia explained why he has voted for protecting those who burn the American flag. Donald Trump wants to punish those who do.

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Donald Trump has selected Tom Price, Republican chairman of the House Budget Committee and Obamacare critic, as his secretary of Health and Human Services.

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President-Elect Donald Trump will soon be holding a “thank you tour” consisting of several rallies in key battleground states. Where is he headed?

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Donald Trump tweeted that he will jail and strip the citizenship of anyone who burns the American flag. Here’s why that’s protected under the First Amendment.

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Election recount 2016 costs are estimated in the millions, and the Green Party’s Jill Stein received $6 million in donations. Where will the recount money go?

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The final Electoral College tally is in for the 2016 election, and Kellyanne Conway calls Donald Trump’s victory historic and a “landslide.” Is she right?

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KT McFarland, a former Ronald Reagan official, has been announced as Donald Trump’s deputy national security advisor.

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Donald Trump issued a statement on the Ohio State University attack, which left nine people stabbed. The suspect has been identified as a Somali man.

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President Barack Obama is now a lame duck president, but he’s still getting high approval ratings in polls, but still not as high as Ronald Reagan’s at the end of his second term.

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Today in New York City, President-Elect Donald Trump will meet with some of his possible cabinet appointments including David Petraeus and Paul Atkins.

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Without citing any evidence, Donald Trump claimed there was voter fraud in New Hampshire. He’s not the first Republican to be concerned about it.

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In a Sunday tweetstorm spanning four hours, Donald Trump falsely claimed there is evidence that widespread voter fraud took place in the 2016 election.

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