A county clerk in Kentucky refused to issue same-sex marriage licenses to two couples “under the authority of God.” She’s standing firm despite the Supreme Court refusing to back her.

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Who is in the 2015 first Republican Presidential Debate? Read on for the top 10 primary GOP candidates.

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Check out all the details on when the 2015 Republican Primary Presidential Debate is. Read on for the time, date, location and see what channel the show is on.

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Check out the first Republican Primary Presidential Debate for 2015-2016 via live stream here, plus instructions how to watch it all online and use the debate app.

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Twitter users have been tweeting questions they hope to hear during the debate. Among them are questions that many voters may want to hear an answer for.

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On August 4, Fox News broke the suspense surrounding the line-up of the first Republican National Committee-sanctioned debate.

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When is the first Primary Republican Presidential Debate for 2015? And, what date and time is the GOP debate? Read on for details.

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Trump climbed to 25 percent in polls, leading Republicans. He’s leading all national polls, with Bush second. Clinton, meanwhile, is losing favorability.

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The man who has been referred to as Donald Trump’s “Karl Rove” is a registered Democrat who once sued a doctor for “ruining his summer.”

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Donald Trump gave out Senator Lindsey Graham’s cell phone number during a speech in South Carolina on Tuesday after Graham told Trump to stop being a “jackass.”

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Another undercover video of an abortion doctor talking about the price of fetus body parts has been released by the anti-abortion group Center for Medical Progress.

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Former President George H.W. Bush suffered a fall in his home in Kennebunkport, Maine on Wednesday, breaking a bone in his neck.

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Donald Trump released his financial disclosure today and says he made more than $200 million during the 14 seasons of The Apprentice reality show.

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According to documents in Kelly’s indecent exposure case, she went to her ex-husband’s house and exposed her breasts, shaking them up and down.

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A controversial video filmed by undercover abortion activists shows a senior Planned Parenthood doctor drinking wine and describing the harvesting of fetus organs.

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South Carolina lawmakers voted to take down the Confederate battle flag from outside the state capitol in Columbia. But when will it actually come down?

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