The Republican candidates made last pitches to New Hampshire voters Saturday. Read our recap, then vote for the winner in our poll.

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President Barack Obama gave an emotional speech on gun control today, announcing new executive orders he will issue. Watch video of the full speech here.

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Donald Trump continues to lead all GOP national polls, with Ted Cruz leading in Iowa and Marco Rubio running second to Trump in New Hampshire.

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The president is mad and he’s not going to take it anymore. President Obama shed tears as he announced executive action on gun control in America.

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English politician Simon Danczuk may have destroyed his political career for this 17-year-old college student.

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A 49-year-old British politician has been suspended by his party after he texted a 17-year-old girl asking her if she wanted a “spanking.”

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Sagebrush Ranch prostitute Lady Sable Renae was photographed with Presidential candidate Mike Huckabee. Read on for details and see her best Facebook pics.

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Prostitute and porn star Sable Renae was photographed with Mike Huckabee. What’s the story? Why is Huckabee posing with a legal hooker?

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A 55-year-old Donald Trump supporter from California was arrested after making homemade explosives as part of a plot to attack Muslims, police say.

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What time is the Democratic Debate on tonight? When is it? On what channel or TV station can we watch the event?

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ABC News is providing a live stream for tonight’s 2015 Democratic Presidential Debate. Read on for how to watch the debate online and use the ABC News app.

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The national data director for Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign has been fired after accessing proprietary data from Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

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Someone was coughing and sniffling into an open mic during the GOP debate on CNN.

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Wolf Blitzer is the moderator for the GOP Republican Presidential Debate tonight on CNN.

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Who are the Republican candidates in the GOP debate tonight? What’s the latest in the 2015-16 election polls?

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Check out all the details on what channel the 2015 GOP Republican Primary Presidential Debate is on tonight. Read on for the TV station and schedule of events.

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