Sanders got a mixed bag of results from his Indiana win.

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Former President Bill Clinton said Friday that Sanders fans wanted to “shoot every third person on Wall Street” at a Hillary Clinton rally caught on video. Watch it here.

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In keeping with his debate promise, Bernie Sanders has released his full 2014 tax return. Here’s where to read it and what is in it.

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The Democrats got had a decidedly more personal, nastier debate at the Brooklyn Navy Yard than their previous encounters. Read our recap, then vote in our poll.

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Find out all the details on how to watch a live stream of tonight’s Democratic debate between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton.

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Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton will participate in a debate tonight in Brooklyn, New York. Find out all the details on tonight’s Democratic debate.

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Jeff Merkley of Oregon is the first US Senator to endorse Bernie Sanders, writing in the New York Times that Sanders had “galvanized a grass-roots movement.” Here’s what you need to know.

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Voters in closed primaries like California are seeing odd changes to their party registration. One group’s suing for election fraud in NY. Are you affected?

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Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders has a mixed record on guns, supporting the Democrats on popular leftist propositions but balking at more extreme measures. Here’s what you need to know.

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Hillary Clinton looks to end Bernie Sanders winning streak in the New York Democratic primary. Find out all the details on the latest polling numbers.

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#ResistCapitalism became a top Twitter trend on Saturday, and a heated debate ensued. We’ve compiled some of the most interesting back-and forth.

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We take a look at the current Democratic delegate count after the Wyoming caucus. Find out if Bernie Sanders gained any ground on Hillary Clinton.

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Gen. James Mattis is a decorated general being considered as a third-party presidential candidate. He’s known for his “Mad Dog” quotes. Here are the best.

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Gen. James Mattis is being mentioned as a possible third-party presidential candidate or even Trump’s VP. Who is he? Does he have a family? Find out more.

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Find out all the details on the latest New York Democratic polls and how much ground Bernie Sanders has to make up before the primary.

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In 2011, Bernie Sanders spoke on the Senate floor against a new trade deal with Panama, which led to financial scandals revealed in the Panama Papers. Click here to watch his statement.

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