Nevada recount results are in, and they show that Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump lost only 15 votes. Meanwhile, a Wisconsin recount continues.

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Donald Trump sent out a simple message announcing Fidel Castro’s death and offering no other thoughts on the Cuban dictator.

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A Wisconsin recount will occur into 2016 presidential election results that showed a Donald Trump victory over Hillary Clinton after the Green Party’s Jill Stein filed for one after crowdfunding millions.

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Donald Trump, the president-elect, sent out another message, this time wishing Americans a Happy Thanksgiving.

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Dick DeVos is a businessman and the husband of Betsy DeVos, Donald Trump’s new education secretary. Here’s what you need to know about him.

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Recent polls have shown that the majority of Americans still have an unfavorable view of Donald Trump and they doubt he can deliver on his promises.

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Today marks President Barack Obama’s last Presidential Turkey Pardon Ceremony. Who started the tradition and when? Here’s the history behind it.

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Donald Trump hopes to completely reform the tax code when he takes office next year. How will this affect the average American? Will taxes go up or down?

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Some data experts allege the 2016 election results in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania could have been hacked or rigged. They want Hillary Clinton to seek recounts.

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Henry McMaster is expected to be the new Governor of South Carolina after Donald Trump picked Nikki Haley to be the ambassador to the UN. Here’s a look at his career.

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The North Carolina governor race has bogged down in voter fraud allegations as Republican Pat McCrory refuses to concede the election to Democrat Roy Cooper.

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Bernie Sanders is drawing a lot of attention as he tours for his new book. Where is he speaking next? Find out here.

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President-Elect Donald Trump was booed by New Yorkers on his way out of a meeting at The New York Times today.

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President-Elect Donald Trump for the first time disavowed the alt-right while speaking with The New York Times today.

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Michael Flynn, Donald Trump’s choice for National Security Adviser, once called Islam a “vicious cancer” that has to be “excised” and warned of shariah law being imposed in the U.S.

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Donald Trump will not pursue prosecution of Hillary Clinton as president, making this the first major example Trump’s base expressing disappointment in him.

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