Jill Stein is visiting Colorado Springs, Denver, Boulder, and Fort Collins this weekend. These are photos and stories from people who were there.

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Green Party vice presidential candidate Ajamu Baraka is Jill Stein’s running mate. He’s a social activist for Black Liberation, and is anti-death penalty.

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Donald Trump will hold a rally at the University of North Carolina in Wilmington this afternoon. Watch it live here.

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Florida GOP staffer and Latino Wadi Gaitan is leaving his post and claims Donald Trump is a big reason. He joins LIBRE Initiative.

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Donald Trump delivered a speech about his plans for the economy in Detroit, Michigan this morning. Read the full transcript here.

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Donald Trump will discuss his plans for the economy in a speech from Detroit, Michigan this morning. Stream it live here.

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A former CIA agent and anti-Trump Republican who has never held elective office before has entered the presidential race as an independent candidate.

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The Green Party convention, roll call vote, and press conference is today. Here’s the schedule and how to watch online, for free, with a livestream feed.

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Julian Assange is speaking to the Green Party Convention on Saturday morning. Find out why he’s speaking, what time & how to watch his speech.

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Donald Trump will hold an event in Green Bay, Wisconsin this evening, during which he is expected to endorse Paul Ryan in his primary. Watch it live here.

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New polling has shown that Hillary Clinton is beating Donald Trump in red states like Georgia. Here are some of the red states that are within Clinton’s reach this November.

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The mayor of Fairfax, Virginia, has been arrested in a “meth-for-sex” undercover sting.

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Donald Trump and Mike Pence will hold a rally in Des Moines, Iowa this afternoon. Stream it live here.

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Former deputy director Michael Morell endorsed Hillary Clinton in an op-ed in the New York Times. He claims Trump is an agent of Putin’s Russia.

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The latest Trump vs. Clinton polls show Clinton with a growing lead on Trump after both conventions. Find out all the details on the polling numbers.

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There is Speculation around GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump dropping out of the race — and how to replace him if he does. But he won’t. Here’s why.

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