Twin Shadow “At My Heels”

Twin Shadow is musician George Lewis Jr. Born in the Dominican Republic and raised in Florida, before he relocated to Brooklyn (of course), and became Twin Shadow. It’s new wave-pop, and very pleasant.

Lady Gaga “Born This Way”

Lady Gaga gets deep in her new single: space and time and unicorns. The mitosis of the future (very messy). The birth of Evil (less messy, more tattoos).

OK Go “White Knuckles”

OK Go is back with their most recent video, “White Knuckles”, from 2010′s Of the Blue Colour of the Sky. The song is catchy, and you just can’t argue with amazing dog choreography.

Cee Lo Green “F**k You”

The best thing about this video is that it’s so catchy you know you’ll hear your 6 year old niece signing it at Christmas. You just can’t hate on it, and it’s up for a Best Male Video award at this year’s VMAs.

Mixtape: Billboard Hot 100 Series

Today we have the debut of a new mix from LA & Mister Music, who have made a name for themselves taking the hits of the year and giving them a unique spin

OK Go “End Love”

Check out the new video from OK Go’s new album Of The Blue Colour of the Sky titled “End Love”.

Lady Gaga “Alejandro”

Oh, Lady Gaga. Will you ever stop being such a weirdo? The new video for “Alejandro” maybe doesn’t measure up to the heights of “Telephone,” but it’s still quite a thing.