Givers “Up Up Up”

Its hard to listen to this new track from Louisiana band Givers without thinking of Vampire Weekend, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. It’s a fun song.

Cee Lo Green “I Want You (Hold On To Love)”

Grammy Award-winning Cee Lo Green has a new video out for his fourth single from new album, Lady Killer. As to be expected, there is lots of bling, outrageous costumes, feathers, and pretty girls. Cee Lo never cheaps out.

What’s New In Music This Week

This week: indie-tribal rockers WU LYF make a dangerously solid debut, Junior Boys keep doing what they do best, Sebadoh re-releases a 1994 favorite, Marissa Nadler gets honest, and Mathemagic’s airy beach pop doesn’t disappoint.

Beyoncé “Run The World (Girls)”

Expensive video alert: Watch Beyonce and lady-crew grind and shimmy through Africa in heels while a riot-geared man-squad watches in shock and awe, cars explode, exotic animals make cameos, and an old rave sample gets pulled from obscurity. Plus it won this year’s VMA for Best Choreography.

Lady Gaga “Judas”

Wow, there is a lot going on here: Gaga is a biker, an Elizabethan-costumed lover, Mary Magdalene, and some other stuff that involves leather bikinis. She’s in love with Judas, who is also Jesus, who is also a biker. There’s a lipstick gun, baptism by beer, a stoning and I think her dancing is improving.

Twin Shadow “At My Heels”

Twin Shadow is musician George Lewis Jr. Born in the Dominican Republic and raised in Florida, before he relocated to Brooklyn (of course), and became Twin Shadow. It’s new wave-pop, and very pleasant.