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What’s New In Games This Week

Unfortunately, another slow week. Through two standouts, one a brand new IP from a trusted source and the other is the ultimate edition of a proven hit. Should be more than enough, right?

The 20 Awesomest iPhone Games

So you’ve got your new iPhone 4, you lucky bastard. Now what? Read this article, in which we give you the 20 must-have games for the iPhone. Trust us: we’re experts.

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This week’s new games take us back to the world of Metal Gear Solid, lets you rock out with Green Day and swing some clubs with Tiger Woods.

SimCity Deluxe Heading to iPhone This Summer

EA Games will release Sim City Deluxe to the iPhone App Store this summer, Joystiq reports. The game has different historical cultures with specific structures. That means you can build pyramids. Which is awesome….

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Get ready for another week filled with multiple trips to the game store: Final Fantasy XIII (PS3, 360) – It’s finally here, the latest installment of Square-Enix’s flagship franchise. By now you’ve probably heard all the complaints, like how absurdly l…