If your Pops is the biggest gamer (besides you), then these are the gifts you need to get him.

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These T-Shirt’s are perfect for any gamer’s apparel.

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Check out these awesome artist renditions of some of gaming’s best characters.

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Head to the local movie theater in your dreams if you wanna see these video game films.

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Video game movies usually suck, but these fan made movie posters based on them are always sweet.

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Ouya is coming soon.

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Portal is one of the most entertaining and innovative games we’ve seen in a long time. It’s funny, it’s creative, and it’s incredibly memetic. Fans have latched onto it and made some really terrific fan art.

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If technology ever does produce a working Portal gun, it would of course be the most awesome invention ever, but it would undoubtedly result in many a jackass stunt… and probably a few casualties.

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The dragon punch, sonic boom, yoga flame – none of them are any match for a Portal gun.

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One can enjoy video games by simply playing them, but some really go the extra mile in an effort to achieve Youtube fame. These are the top gaming tributes of 2011.

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