A man in Chicago whose office phone number got listed on a Burger King website as the contact number for the scheduling department pranks the callers.

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A prank set-up by South Koreans shows what “road rage” looks like in their country. When men get out of the car with fists and a knife, they are met by equals.

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Luke thought he was going bungee jumping with his buddies for his bachelor party. His alarm should have been raised when they put the blindfold on him.

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Benjy Bronk is the one who yelled “Don’t take me to an elevator!” at the Roger Goodell press conference. It’s not his first stunt.

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A new prank aimed at iPhone 6 users will have some gullible individuals very angry if they fall for it. It claims the iPhone 6 can be charged in a microwave.

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Graduating seniors at Santa Barbara High School pranked their Principal John Becchio by hiring a mariachi band to follow him around for an hour.

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A prank where a man in a public bathroom pretends to be out of TP and asks a bystander to pass him some is absolutely gross when he wipes chocolate on his hand.

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Smart Cars are under attack as a new “prank” trend emerges that seems a lot more like vandalism. Check out the photographs of this new social media sensation.

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Are you ready for some practical jokes?

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It turns out that Tickle, an app that helps people fake a call to get out of awkward situations, isn’t a real app. Here’s what we know so far about this prank.

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February was a big month. Check out all the funniest moments captured in GIF format here!

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Apparently these two televangelists have no grasp of pop culture.

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That’s A LOT of F-bombs.

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An unsuspecting pie to the face never hurt anyone, right?

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Hilarious and socially conscious, this is an amazing prank.

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Best. .Gifs. Ever.

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