Lessons in Greeting Card Pranking

The Internet-famous Pleated-Jeans pranks his local grocery store’s card section with some hilariously off-kilter greeting cards and categories.

The Drive-Thru Floating Cup Prank

Yes, you’ve officially freaked out the chick working the drive-thru window with your floating cup black magic, but you’re still not getting any extra nuggets.

Miami Zombie Prank

Pulling a zombie prank on the citizens of Miami just days after the infamous face-eater incident is both hilarious and incredibly stupid. Somebody’s just asking to get tasered.

Pilot Pretends to Faint Prank

Playing a prank on your friends when you’re the sole pilot of a small plane can be either a jerk move or hysterical. Somehow, this winds up in both categories.

Craigslist Prank: Do You Have Psychic Powers?

If you’re like me, and any sane person is at least trying to be, there are two things you love: Hoodwinking rubes, and making fun of people who pretend to have magic powers. There may be other things you love, but I didn’t use any of them in this prank, so who cares…