Sleeper Car

Taking the subway late at night is never fun, there’s crazies to avoid, slower service and it’s just plain tiring. Improv Everywhere has found a solution to the problem by offering commuter’s the option of a bed on the train. Sweet dreams, straphangers.

Public Urination Prank

When you can pull off a clever prank on the cops AND avoid being tasered, you consider it a win and call it a day.

Elevator Apartment Prank

French prankster, Rémi Gaillard has converted an elevator into his own personal apartment. Everyone else will just have to take the stairs.

Jimmy Kimmel Tried to Ruin the Super Bowl

Jimmy Kimmel is a cruel man. First, he tried to ruin Halloween and Christmas for children, and last Sunday he attempted to sabotage the Super Bowl. When will the madness stop, Jimmy?! When?!

The Ultimate Revenge Prank

Aside from sleeping with your friend’s wife, this just might be the ultimate revenge prank. Sure, the prank is probably staged, but it’s not everyday you get to watch someone smash their jerk roommate’s car with a one ton axe.

Snowman Gets What He Deserves

I think we can all agree that we’re getting a little fed up with these snowman hijinks. Constantly jumping out behind corners, sneaking up behind you in empty parking garages, lurking outside windows. It’s good to see this citizen taking a stand.

The Top Pranks of 2011

Aside from the demonic narrator, the top pranks of 2011 is 7 minutes of pure prank glory. Sexy sax man, falling idiots and of course a healthy dose of scaring innocent bystanders.

The Dead Student Prank

Kudos to the kids for ditching the traditional whoopie cushion and pulling off a clever prank on their teacher. Too bad they’ll have to enjoy their efforts from inside detention hall.

Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids: The Prankster

When neighborhood prankster, Otis, gains popularity for his practical jokes, things go from fun to making fun of. Will Fat Albert and the guys put an end to Otis’ mean-spirited antics or end up with egg on their faces?