Keeping prying eyes off your device with these great cases for the privacy-obsessed.

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Americans are outraged by news of “dirtbox devices,” fake cell phone towers the government uses to spy on citizens. Is your privacy at risk?

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Google alerted officials in Texas after user Skillern was found to have explicit images of a young girl in his Gmail inbox. The good news? A pervert is off the streets. The bad news? Your emails are not private.

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The Supreme Court has decided in Riley v. California that police cannot search cell phones without a warrant.

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If you’re concerned about Internet privacy and cyber security, the following smartphone apps should help give you some peace of mind.

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Here are our top picks for the best free VPN services out there.

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If you want to avoid running into people you hate, an iPhone app called Cloak can help you be anti-social.

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New Snowden leaks reveal that the GCHQ and NSA program Optic Nerve takes screenshots during Yahoo webcam video chats.

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What makes this phone so special, and why are privacy experts so excited? Read on to find out.

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What would it look like if the government always knew where we were? Do they already know?

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Rebecca Richards will be named the first NSA privacy officer leaving her privacy post at at Homeland Security.

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Also featuring a human skull, a mace, and an IED.

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That number includes nearly 1,500 wiretaps.

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President Obama today deliverer a crucial speech on NSA reform — defending the value of the intelligence agency while curbing its reach.

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The chairmen of both the House and Senate intelligence committees take substantial campaign donations from intelligence contractors.

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Utah man Curtis Clark Green pleaded guilty in a Baltimore court for drug conspiracy for his involvement in the operation of Silk Road, the Internet drug market.

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