The Chainsmokers crashed the Huntley High School prom. See photos and videos.

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Prom is just months away and high schoolers are figuring out ways to ask that special someone to prom. Here are funny signs and other ideas, like food, to ask someone to prom 2017.

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Prom season is upon us and high schoolers have thought of clever and funny ways to ask their crushes to the biggest dance of the year. Here are some ideas.

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Prom is just around the corner and some high school girls make interesting choices when it comes to attire. Check out these funny photos of the worst dressed.

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Reddit loves its PhotoShop battles, and this picture of a prom attendee posing alone was asking for it. Check out the funny scenes these PhotoShoppers make.

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Patrick Farves is the now famous student who asked Miss America to prom. Here’s what you need to know about his instant rise to national stardom.

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Prom season is nearly here, and high school boys and girls are gearing up to ask each other out. Check out these photos for promposal ideas for your big day.

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17-year-old Jake Davidson is one lucky guy.

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Check out the future prez, his best bud and their hot Hawaiian dates.

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Prom: an excuse amongst high schoolers to partake in merriment that sometimes leads to debauchery, and sometimes to botched photo ops.

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