Aliens: Colonial Marines Cinematic Trailer

We’ve got Prometheus hitting the theaters and Aliens: Colonial Marines coming out in the fall, both of which are shaping up to be spectacular. Let’s go ahead and declare 2012 the year of the alien.

Darksiders II Death Rises Insider Look

How can you not be hyped on a game who’s main character is named “Death”? The creators behind the game give us an inside perspective into Death and his role in Darksiders II. Look for the game to deal out some death later this year.

Street Fighter Tournament 2012

Sure it’s still a sausage fest, but at least it’s a classy looking sausage fest with some big bucks behind it. Dubbed the LG Cup, the tourney made its first stop in Los Angeles

Assassin Benny

Ezio’s got some assassinating to do, if only he could find his target. Adding the music of Benny Hill just makes things that much more hilarious.

Games Worth a Second Look

There may not be any notable releases this week, but that’s more the reason to revisit some gems from last year that you might have missed. Trust us, these deserve a second look.

The Horker Scrolls

There just aren’t enough bow shooting walruses in video games these days. Luckily we know have the Horker mod dedicated to the walruses of Skyrim. It was bound to happen eventually.

This Week In Gaming News

Other than helping to upturn a piece of legislature that threatened to piss all over the first amendment, it’s been a slow week for video game news. Oh, besides a little zombie outbreak happening in November.

Soul Calibur V Story Trailer

The story trailer for Soul Calibur V is out, and yea it may look a bit cheesy, but c’mon, this is Soul Calibur ! What else did you expect?

Resident Evil 6 Game Trailer is Here

Freaky-ass mutant zombies, guns galore… you know the drill. Check out the first official trailer and then start counting the days until the November 20th release date.