Twisted Metal: Mr. Grimm Story Trailer

Twisted Metal hits shelves in just a couple months (Feb.) so it’s important that you know the back-story behind these demolition driving psychopaths. Seriously, a guy doesn’t just start carrying a flame saw on a whim.

Skyrim Lessons on Being a Badass

Reach your full badass potential and become the Skyrim warrior that your mama always wanted you to be. You’re about to get a lesson in Skyrim unarmed combat. Class is in session.

This Week In Gaming News

Most of this week’s news centers on the VGAs, both good and bad. But you also have some good news for Metal Gear and Nintendo fans as well. Plus the Vita makes its Japanese debut.

I Am Alive Rules Game Trailer

Is it just me or does the gaming industry have a hard-on for the apocalypse? I Am Alive follows an everyman’s journey to find his wife and daughter, who were lost during the “Event.”

BioShock: Infinite VGA Game Trailer

Calling the new trailer for BioShock: Infinite “grandiose” would be an understatement. Expect the third installment of the franchise sometime next year.

The Last of Us Game Trailer Leaves Us in the Dark

The Last of Us trailer that aired during the VGAs wasn’t so much a game trailer, but a montage of violent scenes with narration about an average ho-hum day. So what’s to be expected of the game? Apocalyptic virus? World wide chaos? New World Order overthrow? All probable.

We Didn’t Start the Flaming

Gamers taking games a little too serious?! Never! It might be time to step away from MW3 and open the curtains, oh and that bright warm glow, that would be the sun.