What’s New In Games This Week

Unfortunately, another slow week. Through two standouts, one a brand new IP from a trusted source and the other is the ultimate edition of a proven hit. Should be more than enough, right?

From Dust Game Trailer

Another God game, yay, but instead of controlling goofy, cartoony creatures, you’ll determine the fate of a realistic looking tribe dealing with very harsh realities.

What’s New In Games This Week

Another week in which the noteworthy releases are a bit on the slim side. But fear not, the two worth checking out are… worth checking out!

Modern Warfare 3 Game Trailer

Saying the new Call of Duty will be the biggest game of this year is like saying the sun’s hot. I don’t even like FPSs that much and even I want a piece of MW3!

Dead Block Game Trailer

Less Resident Evil, more Home Alone, Dead Block is the slightly different kind of zombie game that we could all use right about now!