Meet the Medic

Check out the final installment of Valve’s “Meet The..” series that highlights all the character types in Team Fortress 2. Which is free to play, btw.

BioShock Infinite E3 Game Trailer

The next BioShock leaves behind a city below the sea and instead takes place high in the sky. So what’s so special about the new digs? Roller coasters.

F.E.A.R.3 Game Review

The third chapter of what many consider to be one of the must criminally underrated survival horror experiences is back at last.

Armored Core V E3 Game Trailer

There’s a reason why Armored Core is the undisputed king of giant Japanese robot simulators, and the upcoming part five aims to remind everyone yet again.

Sonic Generations E3 Game Trailer

Time for another taste of today’s blue hedgehog hanging with yesterday’s. And those bits that should have been fun in latter Sonic games finally will be!