Dubstep HoverCat is the Future

People normally fall into one of two categories: cat people or dog people. As great as man’s best friend is, let me ask you this, “Can your dog hover in midair?”

Vertical Video Syndrome

Those smart-assed but loveable puppets Glove and Boots are back to educate technology crippled folks around the world on how to properly shoot a camera phone video. Don’t let Vertical Video syndrome happen to you.

Andy Samberg’s Cannibal PSA

Andy Samberg wants to remind people everywhere, that there are plenty of non-human alternatives out there for your next meal. Try a hamburger instead of your neighbor. It tastes a lot better and you won’t lose a friend.

Put an End to Cat Boredom

There’s a CATastrosphe throughout the country that can no longer be ignored: cat boredom. Learn the warning signs, seek help, and get your cat mildly interested in you again.

Coal Will Say Anything

Generally you don’t consider those behind the green movement to be comedy masterminds, after all, nothing that funny about the planet dying. I’m not sure this PSA sold me on the evils of coal, but damn if I don’t want one of those gold jumpsuits now.

Handshake Awkwardness Disorder

You go in for a handshake, the other person goes for the fist bump, what happens next is a social disaster that has plagued our society since the 1970s. Get the help you need and take back your social life.

You Don’t Know Jack About Iowa

Think you know all about backwoods, lame-ass, fly-over state Iowa? Think again, sucka! Scott Siepker is setting the record straight and schooling you on the heartland.

William Shatner’s Turkey Fryer PSA

Move over, Khan, William Shatner has a new mortal foe. Check out his PSA on turkey fryers before the holiday, if only just to hear Shatner say “dingle-dangle.”

Halloween Safety Tips

You no longer need to live in fear of Halloween. Follow the safety tips of Deputy Peter Phile and you’ll know just how to avoid any rapists, murderers or other Halloween pranksters. Keep those cornholes safe!