White Hills “You Dream You See”

It’s all smoke and mirrors for the second cut from psychedelic space rockers White Hills’ new album, Frying On This Rock. Their US tour kicks of April 9th at Brooklyn’s Glasslands Gallery.

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The Horrors “Changing The Rain”

Yay! Another video from The Horror’s most excellent album Skying. Of course it’s a super-trippy piece of kaleidoscope business but this time all in swirling animation. And finally, The Horrors admit they are aliens. Or they are LSD. Or both.

Human Woman “Delusional”

Icelandic duo Human Woman drop a track that feels both like Brit Pop and early rave. Head-nodding material, and there’s an impressive psychedelic hula hoop routine too.

Prince Rama “Summer Of Love”

It’s probably no shocker that this trio met in high school while living in a Hare Krishna filled Florida community. It’s some pretty psychically deep stuff. Animal Collective digs it – they signed them to their Paw Tracks label for their most recent release, Shadow Temple.

Ty Segall “Where Your Head Goes”

2011′s Goodbye Bread has a lot of great tracks on it but this one is a standout. The video is all psychedelic blurs and druggy haze. The track is all Stooges-era sex and swagger. Dirty.