Iceage “Collaps”

The video: a record player playing “Collaps”. Not much to look at, but the Danish punkers are making waves, and you’ll be hearing more from them for sure. On tour in the States now, catch a show while they’re still young enough to pull off the mayhem.

F*cked Up “Queen Of Hearts”

F*cked up are a punk band from Ontario and might have one of the most interesting things going at the moment. Check out this first video from their new album, David Comes to Life (rumor is there’s a musical in the works).

The Death Set “Can You Seen Straight?”

Originally from Sydney, Australia, The Death Set relocated to Brooklyn in 2005 and now call it home. Part punk, part electronic, their shows have a reputation for being super high energy.

Virgin Islands “No Doctor”

From the very political Seattle punker’s first full-length, Ernie Chambers v. God, which just came out. Catch them on tour the rest of the summer.

OFF! “I Don’t Belong”

First Keith Morris founded Black Flag, then he left them to form Circle Jerks, and that was more than 30 years ago. These days he’s rocking out with OFF! and still has plenty to yell about.

The Rapture “Out of the Races and Onto the Tracks”

My god these guys were awesome. If you don’t have The Rapture’s first album, Out Of The Races And Onto The Tracks, you should get it. Unless you have been raptured yourself, in which case…nevermind. But you sinners – you should definitely have it.

No Age “Common Heat”

French directing pair Wierdettes have provided No Age’s most recent video, from the Everything In Between LP. The animation follows a black blob as it morphs into lightening, tears, tattoos, birds, raindrops, a dragon…

Art Brut “Lost Weekend”

Always cheeky, Art Brut’s first single from their new album, Brilliant! Tragic! The band is straight forward post-punk indie rock, but frontman Eddie Argos…he’s more of an enthusiastic talker than a singer.

Chapter 24 “Blisland To Cry”

Taking their name from a Pink Floyd track (where Syd Barrett wrote lyrics based on the I Ching), this is Chapter 24′s first video. The London-based foursome keep it punk, but in all possible ways (tropical, hardcore, dance).