Vertical Video Syndrome

Those smart-assed but loveable puppets Glove and Boots are back to educate technology crippled folks around the world on how to properly shoot a camera phone video. Don’t let Vertical Video syndrome happen to you.

Star Fox Space Oddity

“Ground control to Fox McCloud… don’t forget your fancy scarf.” It’s no surprise that Fox is jamming out to some David Bowie while doing barrel rolls. Dude needs something to distract him from Falco’s nagging.

Puppet Stories of Drunk Debauchery

Felt Up! is a web series that retells the often times drunken sexual misadventures of real people through the acting of puppets. It’s sort of like if Taxi Cab Confessions merged with the Children’s Workshop. Bizarre.

MMA Zombie Showdown

I don’t know who convinced MMA fighter Bas Rutten to take on a zombie puppet, but I’m glad they did. It’s about time somebody show the undead that they can’t just go chomping on any brain they please without repercussions.

MC Frontalot “Stoop Sale”

Nerdcore hip-hop king MC Frontalot hits us with his tribute to selling junk on the stoops of Brooklyn brownstones. It’s like a yard sale, only not on a yard, and with rhyming puppets. Get it?

Puppets Renact Requiem for a Dream

While the puppets of Sesame Street are busy singing about numbers, these misfit puppets are reacting Darren Aronofsky’s drug horror Requiem for a Dream. “Tail to tail…”

A Puppet History of Television

Some smart-mouthed puppets give us the history of television from The Lone Ranger through The Jersey Shore. Where did we go so very, very wrong?

Angry Birds, The Musical

If you’re not a fan of the game or just love puppets, this video is for you. Never before has there been a better reason to hate the franchise.