An 18-year-old rapper was shot dead at a party in his mother’s house after a fight involving a girl escalated.

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D.C. Rapper Swipey’s name became a national Twitter trend after reports of his death emerged on August 21.

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These are the photos that celebrate the life of a teenager who was bullied into suicide.

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These are the tragic words written by a bullied teenager a month before he committed suicide.

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A 13-year-old boy committed suicide after the relentless bullying he received at his Brooklyn Catholic school.

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An aspiring rapper has been found dead in his home along with his mother just outside of Atlanta.

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A 21-year-old junior at Oklahoma State University died suddenly on July 21 just after he transferred to the school from community college.

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The case of Sarah Root is a focal point of Donald Trump’s acceptance speech at the 2016 GOP convention.

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A beautiful 21-year-old coed was killed in street racing crash in January 2016. The prime suspect is an undocumented immigrant who is thought to have fled the country.

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Here are the photos from the crime scene where British politician was killed at the age of 41.

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Three high school students were killed overnight in a car wreck in Damascus, Maryland.

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Africa’s most successful soccer coach died suddenly at the age of 54 on June 8.

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Muhammad Ali, one of the greatest and most influential athletes in sports history, has passed away at the age of 74.

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An engineering professor and father was killed by an aggrieved student in a shocking murder-suicide that happened on campus at UCLA on June 1.

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Police in Atlanta are searching for clues after a 19-year-old girl was found naked after being shot dead in a city park.

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Indie rocker Thomas Fekete has lost his battle with cancer, a year after his initial diagnosis. Here are the photos that celebrate his life.

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