Savage Skyrim

Elder Scrolls V has it all, gorgeous graphics, compelling storyline, amazing score, the only thing it was really missing was Randy Savage. That was, until now. Dragons with the head of Macho Man may be the best thing you see today.

These Go to 11 Awards: A Year of Awesome

We ignored the voice of reason that said it was too dangerous to be done and compiled the awesomest of the awesome in 2011. Mullets, Snoop Dogg, photobombs, pepper spray and boobs await you.

Macho Madness Forever Musical Tribute

As a fan of 80’s wrestling, I’m still a little down about the awesomeness the world lost when Macho Man made the great tap out. But this dub step tribute is like a flying elbow of badassery.

Macho Man Approves

Sometimes you just have to summon the spirit of Randy Savage and drop a flying elbow on a bro.

R.I.P. Macho Man Randy Savage

We’re going to miss you, Randy “Macho Man” Savage. Nobody else had quite the charisma or laid out a flying elbow the way you could. It’s in your honor, that we snap into this Slim Jim of sadness. Ohhh yeeeeaaah!

WWE All Stars Game Review

Does the classic crop of wrestling favorites paired with the new class live up its all star name? Well, yes and no…