Tyler Smith, a senior at Hoquiam High School in Washington, has been accused of raping two girls and is still attending school.

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Ched Evans wants to resume his soccer career after he is released from prison, where he served time for raping a 19-year-old girl.

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Emma Sulkowicz’s rape allegations are falling on deaf ears, so she’s turning her thesis into a protest against sexual assaults on college campuses.

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Gabriel “Gabe” Zebediah Gaeta is the 17-year-old suspect arrested in the death and rape of 6-year-old Jenise Wright.

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UT Longhorns football star Kendall Sanders has been arrested along with team mate, Montrel Meander, charged with a sexual assault that happened on the University of Texas campus in June.

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Matthew Durham, a 19-year-old aid worker from Oklahoma, is accused of raping the orphans he was supposed to be taking care of.

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Matthew Durham, a volunteer worker in Kenya, was arrested in Oklahoma, charged with raping HIV-positive orphans while he was on his humanitarian trips.

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Cops say the Philadelphia special ed teacher had sex several times with her 14-year-old student, in her car and her home.

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Pamela Anderson has dropped a bombshell, revealing she was raped and molested as a child, starting a age 6.

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Ben Sullivan is the president of the world famous Oxford Union. He’s been arrested on suspicion of rape.

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The blunder comes 26 years after the coaching legend’s last idiotic rape comment.

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Sinclair, once commander of U.S. forces in southern Afghanistan, is on trial for allegedly forcing a junior officer to perform oral sex on him.

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The Army lieutenant colonel in charge of prosecuting sexual assaults has been accused of sexual assault at a sexual assault conference.

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In addition to rape charges, Kaplanyan is charged with possessing “matter depicting a minor engaging in sexual conduct.”

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Faircloth claimed Bright Eyes frontman Conor Oberst raped her when she was 16 but has now admitted it was a lie.

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Ex-NFL player Darren Sharper was charged with raping women in four states. Read more about the harrowing accusations here.

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