The Alabama Boss, AKA Jeremy Forsyth, is an Internet personality with followers on Twitter, Instagram, and Vine. Check out his country take on the ALS Challenge.

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“Hollywood Hillbillies” is a new reality show expected in January starring Michael Kittrell, who posted a video response to South Park’s episode on gingers.

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If instead of leaving milk and cookies out for Santa you leave whiskey and a copy of “Guns & Ammo” you might be a redneck.

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Take a turkey, a large family, some hillbillies, shove them into a trailer and you got yourself a redneck Thanksgiving!

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NASCAR fans often get a bad rap and we’d like to clear up any stereotypes you may have about them. Just kidding, we’re totally gonna roast’em!

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The ceiling fan, the stretch limo, the El Dorado hot tub, all of these are examples of redneck engineering that you probably take for granted. Let us educate you on the engineering contributions our redneck brethren have made toward society.

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495 Productions, the producers of Jersey Shore, are hard at work on a new program tentatively titled Party Down South.

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Here at Heavy, we believe in giving you the tools to survive in this harsh world. We’re responsible like that. We have already gone over what to do in case of an encounter with that degenerate named Bigfoot, but there is something even scarier than that beast patrolling…

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