Wichita City Hall Drive-Through Remix

So last year, some guy went bananas and drove his car through the Wichita, KS City Hall because police told him to turn his music down. This guy: a hero. Throw in some classic Blues Brothers music and this thing could be the Constitution of my new country.

MC Nancy Elliott (R-NH) – Rectum (Wiggle It Around)

Many people were aghast when New Hampshire state rep Nancy Elliott hijacked a legislative session to launch into a bizarre digression about anal sex. But what if she was just trying to launch a rap career? This hilarious remix is what, that’s what!

Gremlins Remix

This freaking sweet video remix is both the most awesome and most annoying thing ever created by human hands. And all from SFX from Gremlins and Gremlins II.

Snuggie: The Remix

Have you been holding off on buying a Snuggie until someone with auto-tune told you to do it? Well wait no longer, broheim. The Snuggie Remix is here….

Miley Cyrus Screwed & Chopped

If you’re not familiar with the production style known as “screwed & chopped,” it’s essentially making records more listenable to people drinking cough syrup. Usually done to hip-hop albums, some enterprising soul decided to remix Miley Cyrus’s hit “Party In The U.S.A.”…

Katt Williams Weed Remix

Awww, yeah. Katt Williams plus some sweet remix action is almost enough to make me forget about the whole burglary thing.

Tiger Woods Voicemail Slow Jams Remix

Now this is how you tell a lady that you’re scared to death of your wife beating you up with a golf club. Tiger Woods should have taken it slow, like this, and he’d be OK.

Keep Calling This Kid A Homo

Oh, the Internet. Where a simple tantrum from a teenage kid can become the meme of the year. Check after the jump for some of the best remixes we’ve found…