What’s New In Games This Week

Zombies on a boat? Fat dudes running around calling themselves Batman? And an arcade classic finally comes home after 20 years? Yes, on all three counts.

Max Payne Gets the 8-Bit Treatment

Max Payne 3 may be months away, but that doesn’t mean we can’t still wet your appetite for the next installment. Only how about we do it a little differently with some 8-bit nostalgia? Yes, kids, this is what games used to look like.

Super Mario Bros Crossover

It’s like somebody took all your favorite classic Nintendo characters, threw them in a blender, and then dumped them in the Mushroom Kingdom.

Contra vs. Paperboy

Bad drivers and rabid dogs aren’t really a problem on the paper route when you’ve got a spreader gun.

MegaMan 2 Intro Redux

Take a trip down nostalgia lane to MegaMan 2, only now it’s been updated to the 21st century in glorious HD. 1988 never looked so fantastic.

Retro Viral Video: 8-Bit Music

Music and Atari come together to give us this classic retro gaming masterpiece. It will be interesting to see if we get this kind of creativity for Xbox tributes in 20 years.