Facebook of the ’90s

Much like today’s Facebook, the Facebook of the ’90s was an equally confusing place, full of relatives and weirdos that you would rather ignore online than talk to in real life.

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The Best Tetris Player In The World

Think your pretty good at Tetris? Watch Jin8 play and you might want to reconsider your skills.The game starts slow but by minute 3 the speed picks up, and by the end the board is invisible.

If World of Warcraft Was In 8-Bits

… It would probably look a lot like NEStalgia, a brand new MORPG brings the best of today and yesterday together. Though the fact it’s free is the best part to me.

King Khan & The Shrines “Land of the Freak”

King Kahn & The Shrines bring you “Land of the Freak”, 3:34 minutes of funked-out psychedelic soul. If you get the chance to see them live you should do it – The Shrines horn section will blow the doors off the joint, and King Kahn likes to get REAL loose.

R. Kelly “Be My Number 2″

Is R. Kelly just completely clueless about why it’s a good idea to ask somebody to be their #2? Especially when he went #1 all over that girl? Find out in his new video.

RJD2 “Let There Be Horns”

The new album from RJD2 dropped this week, so let’s enjoy the first single, “Let There Be Horns,” complete with cool, surreal video.