Video has surfaced showing Rex and Rob Ryan getting into a bar fight inside of a Nashville bar. Watch a full video of the fight.

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Bills head coach Rex Ryan released a statement regarding the passing of his father, former NFL head coach Buddy Ryan.

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Buddy Ryan, the patriarch of the NFL coaching family and legendary defensive coordinator, has died.

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Rex Ryan makes his regular season debut for the Buffalo Bills on Sunday. Check out the rest of the Ryan family here.

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Rex Ryan has more than 20 years of coaching experience. Find out how much the Bills head coach is worth.

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But you should see Mark’s tattoo of Rex.

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The hardest decision that Rex Ryan has had to make since lunch.

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He’s tonight’s keynote speaker at the RNC. No talking with your mouth full, Guv!

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Last week HBO introduced up to the 2010 New York Jets and their profoundly profane head coach Rex Ryan. This week, more hard-hitting, hard-cursing football action.

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