Check out these cool robots as they hang out with royalty, rock stars, and members of the military.

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A paraplegic in a mind-controlled robotic exoskeleton is expected to kick off the World Cup. Learn more about this amazing technology here.

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Pepper is a robot that could be in your home next year. It will cost only $2,000.

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Google just paid $400 mil for DeepMind. Here are the crucial facts about this secretive AI company based in London.

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Meet Kirobo, the first humanoid astronaut in space. Watch him talk with a Japanese astronaut, while hovering in zero gravity.

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As an adult, I almost want these.

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Boston Dynamics has unveiled their new robot called Atlas. This creation is intended for traveling on rough terrain during combat. Watch the video here.

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Watch out for a swarm of these little guys.

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Get ready to abuse your Page Up/Down button.

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The future is here, ya’ll. Meet your soon-to-be robot overlords.

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