Epic Beatles Mash-Up

The boys from Liverpool get their classic “Come Together” remixed with Cypress Hill, Joan Jett, House of Pain and Rage Against the Machine. It’s weird, but it works.

Art Brut “Alcoholics Unanimous”

South London post-punkers Art Brut’s fourth studio album, Brilliant! Tragic!, drops May 24th, and was produced by Frank Black (remember the Pixies?) All their songs are cleverly written and about completely mundane topics.

Full Release: Music

This week we have a mixed bag of releases for you music fans out there. We’ve got your hip-hop pop; your redneck country; your hipster indie rock; and a R&B diva trying to stage a comeback. Let’s get to it.

Full Release: Music

This week sees new albums from Soundgarden, Kenny Chesney and Gucci Mane. Check our short reviews.

Full Release: Music

This week’s new albums include a solo joint from System Of A Down’s Serj, a new Maroon 5 and more.

Rock Stars Then and Now

When rock stars try to hold onto their images from decades earlier, we need to point it out and make fun of it. But when rock stars just start getting old on their own, that’s an entirely different scenario. Check out these pictures and be the judge yourself.