Alabama Shakes “Hold On”

Who needs a highfalutin video when you sound this amazing?! Lead singer Brittany Howard is channeling some serious Creedence in their lead single from debut album, Boys & Girls, which is out next week.

Marilyn Manson “No Reflection”

Marilyn Mason where have you been? Other than some recent gossip that he’s now dating Lana Del Rey, there hasn’t been much news about Brian Warner. Perhaps because he’s been working on new album Born Villan. If this lead single is any indication, sounds like Mr. Manson has left the industrial days behind in favor of hard, glammy rock. Not bad.

Dum Dum Girls “Coming Down”

2011’s Only In Dreams had one song that was quite different from the rest, the beautiful “Coming Down,” which finally got the visual treatment. Dee Dee’s voice has never sounded better and the single-shot clip is as moody as the song.

Spiritualized “Hey Jane”

Spiritualized’s very NSFW clip for “Hey Jane” follows a transvestite who tries to juggle everyday stuff like dropping the kids off at school and family time with her work, which is gritty as hell. It’s actually quite upsetting.

White Hills “You Dream You See”

It’s all smoke and mirrors for the second cut from psychedelic space rockers White Hills’ new album, Frying On This Rock. Their US tour kicks of April 9th at Brooklyn’s Glasslands Gallery.

What’s New In Music: The Mars Volta, Miike Snow, La Sera

This Week: Swedish trio Miike Snow suffer an identity crisis; Wonder boy Brad Oberhofer’s debut; El Paso favorites The Mars Volta drop album number six; THEESatisfaction’s hip-hop / soul duo debut; Kickball Katy from Vivian Girl’s sophomore album as La Sera.

Hit So Hard

The story of Patty Schemel, the drummer of Courtney Love’s seminal band Hole. As a young girl who always knew she was different, Patty never dreamed she would one day be on the cover of Rolling Stone or touring the United States, but she also never thought she could lose everything to addiction.


LA-based rockers, FIDLAR (F*ck It Dog, Life’s A Risk) unveil their new video for track “Oh”. There’s a severed hand, a dead president with a ray-gun and aliens.

Christian Mistress “Pentagram and Crucifix”

Between the name of the band and the title of the song, you should have a pretty good idea what you’re getting with this one – and it’s kinda awesome. Christine Davis is fierceness fronting this traditionalist metal band. Possession came out last month.