Explore worlds of magic and myth without breaking the bank.

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“Persona 5″ has finally been given a proper reveal with this debut trailer.

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With a new main character and a returning cast of familiar heroes, “Tales of Xillia 2″ is a welcome JRPG for series veterans and newcomers.

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These beautiful screenshots from “Tales of Xillia 2″ put the game’s wonderful Japanese animation on full display.

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Here’s everything you need to know about Bandai Namco’s upcoming JRPG, “Tales of Xillia 2.”

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Looking for a great RPG to play on your mobile device? We love these five amazing RPG titles for iPhone and Android.

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These 10 games should pull you just as much as Star Wars: Assault Team did.

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These tips/tricks/cheats will push you farther in the world of Evolution: Battle for Utopia.

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This mobile RPG is challenging, but our tips should make your warrior unstoppable.

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Should you help Lightning save her world and its people or should you avoid this adventure altogether?

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Final Fantasy XIII’s final adventure features Lightning on a solo adventure.

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Our interview with GREE’s senior product manager told us everything we need to know about Dragon Realms.

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Nintendo’s major monster collector is going to rule your life come October 12.

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It’s time you took a peek into the Dragon’s Crown fan art community.

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These 20 images should prep you for the release of Tales of Xillia.

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Kingdom Hearts 3 better let us run rampant in these Disney franchises.

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