David Cronenberg is back! NYC, the near-future: Eric Packer is a 28 year-old finance golden boy dreaming of living in a civilization ahead of this one. As he is chauffeured across town to get a haircut, an eruption of wild activity unfolds in the streets and he watches a dark shadow fall over the Wall Street galaxy of which he is the king. As threats of the real world infringe on his cloud of virtual convictions, his paranoia intensifies during the course of a 24-hour cross-town odyssey.

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John Carter Review

Disney’s entertaining adaptation of Edgar Rice Burroughs’ century-old novel stops at about 6.5 on the crazy scale when it should’ve gone way past 11.

The Kills “Last Goodbye”

The Kills celebrate ten years of musical partnership with this video directed by Oscar nominated actress Samantha Morton and set in an old time photobooth.

The Horrors “Sheena Is a Parasite”

The Horror’s first single. Disturbing images master Chris Cunningham came OUT OF RETIREMENT to shoot this clip for them, starring Samantha Morton. But the BBC said the strobe lights were too disturbing and could trigger epilepsy. The video was immediately banned.

Full Release: DVD/Blu-Ray

This week’s new DVD releases include South African soccer drama Invictus, creepy horror flick The New Daughter, rom-com Valentine’s Day and more.