Peter Thiel leads big investments in the Valley including Putorti’s startup Votizen. His $1.2 million donation to Trump, however, has turned off entrepreneurs

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Joe Montana, the 49ers legendary quarterback and Hall of Famer, will do the Super Bowl 50 coin toss on Sunday at Levi’s Stadium in San Francisco.

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A California state employee was caught on video yelling insults and then attacking a group of Muslims praying in a park on Sunday.

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A video showing the SFPD aiming their guns at man before shooting him in San Francisco’s Bayview District was caught on camera and shared on Instagram.

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Noel Schwab has been identified as one of the San Francisco police officers who exchanged racist text messages with a disgraced cop friend.

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Rain Daugherty has been named as one of the San Francisco cops who is accused of sending racist texts.

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A San Francisco sightseeing bus tour guide went on a racist rant about Chinese people in Chinatown to tourists on her last day on the job while drinking alcohol.

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The 6.1 magnitude in San Fran today was the largest earthquake in the Bay Area since the 1989 M 6.9. The latter occurred during the World Series. Pictures here.

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A M 6.1 Richter scale earthquake has struck San Francisco, California and the surrounding Napa Valley today. The earthquake originated in American Canyon, just north of the Bay Area. Here are videos of the destruction.

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The 6.1 earthquake that struck near Napa this morning is the most powerful in the Bay Area since 1989.

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A M 6.0 Richter scale earthquake hit American Canyon, California today, near San Francisco & the surrounding Napa Valley Wine Country. Here are the pictures.

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The Haystack app lets people “sell” their parking spaces. Some cities are cracking down on this app. Here’s what you should know about the legality of Haystack.

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@HiddenCash is leaving envelopes of money around San Francisco and tweeting clues to spark scrambles for cash. Who is the mystery millionaire?

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Batkid is back!

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Short movie documents the Batkid day in San Francisco when former-leukemia patient, Miles Scott, saved Gotham City from the Riddler.

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The city is in peril and only one man can save the day.

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