Battle: Los Angeles Trailer #2

Here’s the second trailer for the upcoming Battle: Los Angeles. With a creepy song and non-stop explosions, this trailer is pretty compelling. The alien blockbuster hits theaters in March.

A Star Wars Christmas

After the 1978 Star Wars Christmas Special received poor reviews it was put on the shelf and never aired again. Luckily, we’ve stumbled upon this new and improved special to share with all of you.

TRON: Legacy Movie Review

Disney folks were so impressed with Director Joseph Kosinski that they handed him a check for $200 million dollars. What did Disney get for their money?

New Photos From TRON: Legacy

I don’t know if you heard, but a little movie called Tron Legacy opens this week. Here are some new photos that were just released showing members of the cast.

I Am Number Four Movie Trailer

Take two parts X-Men, one part Twilight, throw them in a blender and you get I Am Number Four. A mysterious teen with unusual powers charms the pants off a pretty girl all while trying to elude some nasty guys hell bent on taking him out.

Aliens Gets Tronitized

Someone took the painstaking liberty of adding a touch of Tron to the final fight scene of Aliens and it made my day. Let it make yours.

Best of Netflix: Alien Invasions

Don’t look to the skies, for they bear nothing but ill will! If you find yourself in the mood for a flick that features the entire planet in jeopardy, here are a few alien invasion movies that are out of this world — and that you can watch right now, before the motherships really get here.

Cowboys & Aliens Movie Trailer

Steven Spielberg teams up again with old pal Harrison Ford, and brings along Olivia Wilde and Daniel Craig for the film version of the graphic novel of the same name. This movie about alien invaders in the wild west doesn’t come out until next year, but looks like a fresh new take on two movie genres that have been in the saddle more than a few times.

Battle: Los Angeles Movie Teaser

Damn, aliens must really hate California. Check out the trailer for Battle: Los Angeles and decide for yourself if Aaron Eckhart and Michelle Rodriguez can save Los Angeles…again.

Skyline Movie Review: Blue Light Special

You don’t walk in saying “I want to see what this film says about mans struggle.” You buy a ticket to to find out what those blue alien ball things are exactly, just how much property damage does the Earth take during this invasion, and are we really supposed to take Angel from Dexter and Turk from Scrubs seriously as action heroes?