Full Release: Movies

All sorts of awesome movies this week, from Predators hunting people like the good old days to a heavy-cursing Winnebago Man. Check out capsule reviews.

TRON: Legacy Movie Trailer #2

Watch the trailer for the revamped 1980s sci-fi classic TRON. With 3-D films all the rage now at the box-office, TRON looks like it certainly won’t disappoint.

Splice Review

Adrien Brody and Sarah Polley create life in the new sci-fi horror flick Splice. That turns out to be not such a good idea.

Spoon Movie Trailer

Check out the first teaser trailer for Spoon, a new sci-fi movie written and directed by Sharlto Copley (of District 9 and The A-Team) and Simon Hansen.

New Tron: Legacy Teaser Posters

Disney released two new teaser posters for Tron: Legacy featuring the light cycles that play a major point in the film. And they look awesome.

Signs Alien Clip

Water? Their weakness is Water? Even if they didn’t look so stupid that alone would be enough to land these aliens on our list of the 20 worst movie monsters.

The Scientist Trailer

After mourning over the loss of his wife and daughter, Dr. Marcus Ryan (Bill Sage) constructs an energy generator in his basement that propels him to a higher consciousness.

Full Release: DVD/Blu-Ray

Avatar hits DVD and Blu-Ray this week! If you’ve had all the blue people you can take, there are other options, and I’ll lay them all out for you in this week’s new releases.

Star Wars And Zombies: Two Great Tastes That Suck

How do you revive the corpse of your franchise? By combining it with more corpses!  Or at least that’s the logic behind Death Troopers, the new Star Wars zombie novel released this week.Normally, I don’t waste my time with trashy sci-fi…