Polling group YouGov is saying it’s “99 percent certain” that Scotland will remain part of the United Kingdom.

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St. Andrews

In a historic and overwhelming vote, members of the all-male Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrew’s voted to finally allow female members.

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How to Follow Scotland Polling

Planning on staying up all night to see if Scotland votes to go independent? Step this way.

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Scottish Independence History

Scotland decides on September 18, but there’s a little bit of history there.

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Alex Salmond Betting

Scotland decides on September 18, but what are the bookies saying?

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Watch Scotland Vote

Scotland votes to become independent from the United Kingdom on September 18. Here’s how you can keep up with the results online.

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The Scottish National Party, is Scotland’s largest political party and the leading force for Scottish independence from the UK in the ‘Yes’ referendum.

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Moira Salmond Alex Salmond Wife

Moira Salmond is the wife of Scottish First Minister, Alex Salmond, she’s being dubbed “Queen of Scots” prior to Scotland’s independence vote on Sept 18.

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On September 18, Scotland will decide if it wants to cut ties with the United Kingdom or continue its union with England. Twitter is abuzz with memes about it.

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Fern’s a real b*tch.

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